Silver Claddagh Bangle Adorned With Swarovski Crystal

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Silver Claddagh Bangle Adorned With Swarovski Crystal ~ Shanore Ireland 

Shanore – DublinIreland

Sterling silver bangle featuring two delicate Claddagh pieces fashioned on the end points of the cuff. Each Claddagh figure is encrusted with Swarovski® crystals. The bracelet is fashioned in a cuff style, with the two Claddagh pieces attached with delicate style at the ends of the cuff joints. Each piece is accentuated with stunning Swarovski crystals in the arc of the symbol. The Swarovski crystals which embellish the bracelet, not only offer an elevated level of elegance, but suggest a sense of bright energy, purity and wholeness.

Traditionally in Celtic culture, the Claddagh is a symbol of friendship and love. In this bracelet, there are two Claddagh figures which have been crafted with the traditional crown, heart and joining hands. The crown represents loyalty, the heart represents love and the joining hands complete the insignia as to represent friendship. 

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